We’re excited to share just a few success stories from our wonderful patients.

Testimonial 1

Tasha's Wedding“I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed my experience at New Health Dental and what a difference having my new smile has made! My wedding was far beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined and I had the smile to show how truly happy I was! I can’t wait to share some pictures with you because for once in my life, my smile truly did exude the amount of joy I was experiencing. A girl’s wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of her life and because of Dr. Roberts and the amazing staff at New Health Dental, my new smile made it just that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Y’all really have been a blessing to me. I appreciate all the work put into making sure I was happy with everything.”
–Tasha G.


Testimonial 2

“You cannot imagine how apprehensive I was—and I have had the best, most painless care possible. Your office staff and assistants are kind, gentle, friendly and, on the whole, the best I’ve ever encountered. The entire staff and doctors were here for me! My life is great now—I’ve waited 65 years to have a smile I could be proud of. Thank you—all of you—so very much!”
-Norma S.


Testimonial 3

Cyril Smiling“The dental care at New Health is the best I’ve ever had. The staff and Dr. Roberts are professional and have the expertise to give the best results. My smile is perfect now! The clinic office staff and equipment are top notch! Dr. Roberts created my perfectly aligned crowns in the minimal visits. He is definitely an expert in his profession and I’ve found them superior to any other clinic.”
-Cyrill L.